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Based in Oswestry Shropshire close to the north to Mid Wales borders we aim to install environmentally heating systems in your homes or businesses.

Our team of engineers and technical staff will be more than happy to help through every stage of your installation. We aim to be involved from the very first stage of the design process so we are able to meet the clients aspiration, lifestyle and budget for the optimum system you can have installed.

With over 10 years’ experience in the renewable sector, installing ground and air source heating in domestic and commercial properties. All of iheat’s installations are installed to the highest quality and we aim to build strong working relationships with all of our customers.



Heat pumps are the most Eco friendly and cheapest way to heat your home. It is a device that transfers heat from a cold area to a hotter area using mechanical energy, such as a refrigerator in reverse.

Both air source and ground source heat pumps provide heating for over-sized radiator and underfloor heating systems and also hot water. Both units are weather compensating meaning the colder it is outside the hotter it becomes inside and vice versa.

With the new minimum Energy Efficiency standards coming into play in 2018, this means all rental houses in the UK need to gain a grade E or above on an EPC. Heat pumps are a perfect way of bringing the efficiency of a house up to standard. Remember with all renewable technologies you only pay 5% VAT.

NIBE and CTC are our main manufactures of heat pump units. Visit NIBE here

As a VIP installer for NIBE heat pumps we are able to provide a 7 year parts and labour warranty on the NIBE equipment.

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Our experience has shown that our clients approach us looking for a variety of benefits. We look at each project on an individual basis and aim to achieve a solution which works well for our customers. Some of the most common benefits experienced by people installing renewable systems from iheat are listed below. Depending on the type of system installed you will achieve some or all of these benefits.

Climate change and dwindling natural resources are just two of the reasons that using renewable methods to produce energy are so important. Quite simply a heat pump or a solar system converts energy from the sun to energy that we can use in our homes. There is no need to damage our environment as there are efficient alternatives. At iheat our experts don’t just look at solar and ground to save the environment we also recycle all of our cardboard. Help to save the environment and help to reuse waste energy by talking to our experts about your individual needs.

Many of our systems will help you to reduce the ever increasing costs of providing energy for today’s property. A heat pump can help reduce heating costs whilst solar PV will reduce your electricity bill. These systems will allow you to claim the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) or FIT (tariff Feed in Tariff).

A heat pump system provides a level of comfort second to none. With the system being weather compensating, its monitors the outdoor temperature to make a stable environment within your home and strives to achieve the level of comfort you require, Imagine no time clocks, no suddenly hot then suddenly cold and best of all you can set the system to suit your lifestyle, even telling it you have gone on holiday. Being able to control your heating from your sofa with uplink options. There are additional benefits of adding an underfloor heating system, a lack of radiators using wall space being the most obvious.

Our systems require very little maintenance and the systems should last between 15 to 20 years due to the quality of the product we install if regularly checked by our engineers. Our solar PV products have life expectancies of over 20 years and as a major installer of renewable systems we are able to offer warranty extensions from most manufacturers giving that added peace of mind.

Benefiting from our vast experience of fitting renewable technologies we will aim to install your system with as little disruption as possible. This is more important when connecting to existing systems. Our engineers will work with your contractors to ensure everything is fitted according to plan. Where iheat are carrying out the full installation our engineers will explain the whole process to you and will carry out the installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can also install systems without any use of hot works. Perfect for listed building.

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