With one of ours heating systems there is very little maintenance required to done. From time to time you might be required to bleed the air out the system and top it up. This is done just like any other standard heating system. These will be demonstrated to our customers in the commissioning process by our engineers.

Although our systems require minimal maintenance we can offer a annual service check on the heating system. This will also allow you to benefit from extended warranties for many of our installations.

If you would like to discuss a service plan please speak to a member of staff about it.

Our annual health check includes:

  • Check operation of all functional controls and components

  • Check calibration of sensors

  • Assess programming levels to optimize performance

  • Test of safety devices

  • Clean filters

  • Inspect and report on pipe work

  • Adjust operational settings to customer requirements

  • Check glycol strength and level

  • Visual safety check

  • Assessment of running time, number of starts and immersion/back up usage

  • Check integrity of electrical connections and insulation

  • G3 unvented water cylinder safety check