Project Description


Back Ground

Home to a retired couple, The Meadows is based in Shropshire. The customer wanted to adopt clean energy sources and thus approached iHeat Ltd. Since Mr. Hinton suffers from circulatory problems, it was essential that a stable temperature would be maintained at all times.


The Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump was fitted onto the existing heating system. This replaced the gas boiler in order to provide hot water and a more stable form of heating for the property. Furthermore, a new unvented hot water cylinder was also installed and since the property already benefits from the previously installed Solar PV system, an iBoost was connected to the immersion. The iBoost channels any excess power generated from the solar grids into the hot
water cylinder, creating another method of heating the water.


Product: Solar PV

Feed in Tariff: 0.1339 p/kWh

Export Rate: £0.04p /kwh

System Size: 4 Kw

Date installed: 7th August 2015

Installer: Iheat Ltd

Photovoltaic (PV) converts sunlight into electricity, by passing through an inverter, this converts DC current into AC current and helps to supply the electricity you use in your house. Excess electricity generated can be used to heat your hot water via an iboost connected to your hot water cylinder.

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Benefits of Solar PV

• Lower your carbon emissions
• Saving money on electricity bills
• Gaining an income from Feed in Tariffs

Low maintenance Solar panels can be installed on the roof or on a ground mount system, of your home or business, to be most efficient they should be south facing.

The inverter ideally should be located in a well ventilated space, however can be fitted in your loft space. Very little maintenance is required, mainly making sure the panels are free of debris and there is ideally no shading on the panels. You can also now store the power you generate in battery storage.

Estimated Annual Output: 9194 kWh

C02 saving: 1719 kw/yr

Annual income generated from Fit Tariff : £498

Annual income generated from Export tariff: £74

“We were interested in renewable energy, which was why we approached iHeat ltd. The heat pump has successfully provided our home with a stable temperature, whilst the solar panels gave a good return when they were installed. It gave us some extra income in our retirement. A third to a quarter of our electricity bills were reduced, which was fantastic! An added bonus was how little space was taken up in the loft and garage”

Alison Hinton, Home Owner