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Photovoltaic (PV) converts sunlight into electricity, by passing through an inverter, this converts DC current into AC current and helps to supply the electricity you use in your house. Excess electricity generated can be used to heat your hot water via an iboost connected to your hot water cylinder.

Solar panels can be installed on the roof or on a ground mount system, of your home or business, to be most efficient they should be south facing. The inverter ideally should be located in a well ventilated space, however can be fitted in your loft space.  Very little maintenance is required, mainly making sure the panels are free of debris and there is ideally no shading on the panels. You can also now store the power you generate in battery storage.

PV systems don’t only help save your carbon footprint they also save you money on your electric bills. You also get paid for the power you generate via a Feed in Tariff, and for supplying power back to the grid, via an Export tariff.


Benefits of Solar PV:

  • Lower your carbon emissions
  • Saving money on electricity bills
  • Gaining an income from Feed in Tariff
  • Low maintenance

Benefits of battery storage:

  • Protect yourself against power cuts by storing your energy
  • By charging your batteries through the day you can run your appliances for free at night saving money on energy bills
  • Make your solar system work harder instead of exporting power, store it for when you need it



All electric cars come with a standard charging cable that plugs into the car, with a domestic plug, into a wall socket allowing you to charge your vehicle at home in your garage or on your driveway.

IHeat Ltd can connect the car Charging point to an Solar PV system or battery storage system.

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