Any system that is installed by iheat within our warranty period comes with the peace of mind of technical support We realise that you may have a problem or wish to discuss a setting on your system we would be more than happy to discuss this over the phone and talk through how to do this.

In the unlikely event that your heat pump is not working correctly, please read the following solutions.

If not please check the on/off switch on the machine. If this is on please check the power supply.

Please note this code and then switch off the machine. After 5 minutes wait please switch on the machine. This may clear the alarm and restore normal service.

Top up to the system up to 1.5 bar as you would with any heating system.

This is likely to be because it is warm outside and the heat pump has switched to summer mode.

Bleed the radiators as you would with any heating system. Remember to top system back up to 1.5 bar.