An air source heat pump extracts energy from air temperatures as low as -20˚c, returning 3 times more energy than it uses and the units run quietly. Air source units are ideal for customers who do not have much land and are less disruptive and lower in cost to install than a ground source heat pump.

Benefits on an air source heat pump:

  • More efficient way of heating your home over conventional heating systems
  • Saving money on heating bills
  • Gaining an income from RHI scheme
  • Lower your carbon emissions
  • Low maintenance

I heat Ltd Will Design & Provide Expert Support

Once a detailed heat loss and heating system output design is complete a Air Source Heat pump (ASHP) can be sized. The collection calculation and integration considerations can be a much more complex assessment.

We use the latest design standard and have wealth of experience, our in-depth design methods reduce the risk of over-extraction and integrate the heating and hot water systems correctly.

As part of our MCS Commissioning service, we can correctly balance the flow rates of each Air Source Heat Pump. We will then set the heat pump controls in accordance with the heating system and collectors.

Tailored Heat Ground Source Heat Pump Systems Collaborating with reputable product companies, reliable heat pump manufacturers and correctly designing a system we can confidently supply you with the best solution for your project.

We would recommend Nibe, Vaillant ad CTC product ranges. Follow the links below:

The performance of a heat pump weighs significantly on the design and integration of a ASHP system, something that is second nature to our experts.

Contact Iheat Ltd about your new build or renovation project, we will guide you through how a Air Source will work for you.

Air Source Heat Pump Servicing

I heat Servicing for Air Source Heat Pump Single Unit includes the following checks

  • Visual inspection of system
  • Clean evaporator of debris
  • Pressure in heating system
  • Clean filters to heat pump
  • Expansion Vessel pressures
  • Flow and return temperatures in heating circuit
  • Weather compensation heat curve settings
  • Inspection and testing of the systems performance and efficiency
  • Benchmark log books updated

Annual Air source heat pump system service includes 1 free breakdown call out; repair including 1 hour Labour (excludes Parts)

Iheat are MCS Accredited installers, which allows clients to benefit from the Renewable heat incentive RHI Rates